mardi, 27 janvier 2015 23:00

SAM 7.0!

We are proud to announce the new release SAM 7.0 (currently available in English, German, Dutch and Spanish, but the other languages will follow soon), which provides the following new features:

User Defined Results (only in SAM Professional)
A sophisticated formula parser offers the possibility to combine simulation results in multiple ways to
derive user defined results.

Constrained Optimization (only in SAM Professional)
The feature of User Defined Results opens the path to perform constrained optimization by adding the
constraint condition as a penalty function to the original function one is optimizing.

Easy Calculation of Bearing Forces in Moving Joints
The calculation of bearing forces in joints is now equally easy for fixed and for moving joints. In previous
versions of SAM the calculation of bearing forces in moving joints required manual steps, which have
been eliminated.

New Transformation & Grouping Commands
New transformation (mirror, translation, rotation, ..) and grouping commands have been added that allow
the user to easily modify elements/mechanisms but also graphical items.

New Licensing System
The new licensing system supports node-locked licenses and floating licenses. It is a two-step approach
in which customers first receive an activation ticket. During the activation process, which requires
internet access to send information to our central license manager, the final license will be generated
and send to the customer.

Various Smaller Enhancements
Display of a scale; export selection & reordering of a subset of results; when exporting a mechanism as

DXF file also the displayed trajectories/path(s) are exported, ...