SAM is equipped with a large library of basic elements, including:

  • beam, slider
  • belt, gear
  • sensor
  • spring, damper and friction element (both translational and rotational)
  • non-linear spring

which allows the analysis of a huge variety of mechanisms. The unique mathematical foundation of the program offers a large number of features and overcomes many of the problems of traditional mechanism programs. Open loop, closed loop and even multiple loop mechanisms are treated in the same way and even the most complex mechanisms, including planetary gear trains, can be modeled within minutes.

CAD interface
The DXF import/export facility lets you export your conceptual mechanism design to any CAD program to work out the details and it lets you import CAD data to easily set-up the mechanism in SAM or to perform animation of the final mechanism. Imported CAD parts may be used as illustrative parts of the mechanism.