Summary keywords

  • planar mechanisms
  • design and simulation
  • CAD interface, dxf import
  • synthesis
  • video export
  • documentation
  • 5 languages
  • support by engineers

SAM (Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanisms) is an interactive PC-software package for the design, analysis (motion and force) and optimization of arbitrary planar mechanisms. Mechanisms can either be generated via the design wizards or they can be assembled from basic components including beams, sliders, gears, belts, springs, dampers and friction elements. SAM integrates pre-processing, numerical analysis and post processing, such as animation and xy-plots, in an easy to-use environment offering pull-down menus, mouse support and help facilities.

The mathematical foundation of the analysis kernel, which is inspired by the well-known finite element approach, offers a large number of features and overcomes many of the problems of traditional mechanism programs. Open loop, closed loop, multiple loop and even complex planetary mechanisms can equally well be analyzed due to the finite element formulation. Even the most complex mechanisms, including planetary gear trains, can be modeled within minutes 

SAM is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Chinese.

CAD interface

The DXF import/export facility lets you export your conceptual mechanism design to any CAD program to work out the details and it lets you import CAD data to easily set-up the mechanism in SAM or to perform animation of the final mechanism.


The analysis results can be displayed either in tabular or graphical form. The tabular listing can be viewed on the screen, send to a printer or stored in a readable formatted list file. The x/y plot option allows to plot any variable against time or any other variable. An unlimited number of functions can be combined into one x/y plot with optionally two different scalings to allow proper multiple display of variables with different amplitude ranges. It is possible to output selected data to an external file (ASCII format) for customized post-processing.

SAM can also animate the mechanism motion.. As a further aid for the designer the path and velocity hodograph of any number of moving points can be plotted. Also, a complete project documentation (ASCII-format) can be automatically generated.

Video tutorials


    Beam ,    Slider,   Belt,     Gear,    Spring,   Gas spring,   Sensor,   Import/export a mechanism,

    Curved slider,  Non-linear spring


    Create/edit/attach,  Import,  Export

Input Motion:

    Targets:     Angle/elongation,  Relative angle,     X/y position,     Various ways of driving a mechanism

    Types:      Linear,      Cycloidal/cubic-spline,      ASCII motion file


    Force/torque/mass, External force vector


    Driving torque minimization,    Path Optimization


    Curves/export/x-axis, User defined results

    Slider/linear guiding, Cam mechanism