Friday, 05 November 2010 14:33

Sam 6.1 is available now!!

Project Notes

Text editor functionality has been added such that the user can include and store project notes
directly in your SAM project file.

Input Motion

Next to the Natural Cubic Spline (with second derivative equal to zero at the first point and last point
of a series of points) the Clamped Cubic Spline is also supported. The latter allows the definition of
the first derivatives in the first point and last point of a series of points. 


After completion of the global exploration of the solution space it is now possible to execute an
automated local optimization of ALL solutions found during the global exploration.


  • All elements can have individual color/line-type settings.
  • A cross-hair (incl. horizontal/vertical mouse snap) simplifies the modeling of mechanisms.


Pan and Zoom are supported by the scroll wheel in a similar way as done in the Google Earth

Graph/Mechanism Window

The two windows can be dimensioned individually. Furthermore, a new icon is introduced to easily
switch between the three display modi: 1. mechanism, 2. graph, 3. mechanism & graph.

Automated Updates

Checking the presence of update and installing updates has been simplified tremendously. If
requested, the checking & installation can even be done automatically.. 

Videos in GIF Format

Next to the existing AVI format, SAM now also supports the much preferred (Animated) GIF format.

Additional Checks

Many extra automated checks have been introduced to minimize the risk of input or problem
definition flaws that lead to incorrect analyses. 

Bug Fixes

A number of bugs and inconsistencies have been resolved.